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 AABOY()/AAEOY()      first / last day of the year
 AACURPATH()          Return the full path of the current directory
 AADATEFORMAT()       Set the date format for internal date calculations
 AADBCREATE()         Create a DBF or modify a DBF structure
 AAEXECUTE()          Evaluate a code block, or macro a string
 AAFILENAME()         obtain the filename portion of a path
 AAFULLPATH()         concatenate a path and a filename
 AAGATHER()           update the current record from an array
 AASCATTER()          make an array from the current record
 AAVG()               average the elements in an array
 ABREAK()             turn a delimited string into an array
 ACCESS()             see if a file may be fopened in a mode.
 ACOUNT()             Count occurrences of an item in an array
 AC_MENU()            create a pop-up menu from an array
 ADDREC()             add a record to a file
 ADDRESS()            compose a formatted address
 ADEFAULT()           fill an array with blank field values
 ADISPLAY()           display the elements of an array in a window
 AMOVE()              move an array element to another position
 ARRAY_DIR() **       create a sorted array of filenames
 AEMPTY()             find the first empty / undefined array element
 AEXIST()             verify existence of value in a lookup table
 AFLENGTH()           total string length of fields named in array
 AFULL()              find the last defined element in an array
 AGET()               GET an array element
 AHEADS()             Create an array of column headers
 ALENGTH()            find total length of a string array
 ALOAD()              fill an array with selected field values
 AMACHINE()           general-purpose state machine
 AMAX()               find the maximum value in an array
 AMIN()               find the minimum value in an array
 AND()                perform a logical AND on an array of logicals
 APAD()               Pad elements of an array to a specified length
 APICS()              create an array of picture statements
 ARRAY_FILL()         create an array-based scrolling lookup table
 ASAY()               Display an array element at a location
 ASEEK()              array-based lookup table
 ASK_FOR()            general-purpose user interrogation routine
 ASUM()               sum the elements in a numeric array
 ATOS()               construct a string from an array of strings
 ATRANSFORM()         fill an array with transformed values
 AUTOSETPRN()         send a code or array of codes to the printer
 AVALID()             array-based validation routine
 BELL()               ring the bell a number of times
 BLANK()              create a blank data value from an expression
 BLINK()              display a blinking message
 BOM()                beginning of month
 BONM()               beginning of next month
 BOXER()              draw boxes, optional box type, zoom, shadow
 BOW()                beginning of week
 BOY()                beginning of year
 BROWSER() **         general-purpose browse window
 CASE_OF()            verify if a value is in a set of values
 CENTRE()             determine column at which to display a string
 CFADE()              fade the screen attributes in a rectangle
 CHECKRANGE()         force input within a specified range
 CHECK_REL()          verify the chain of a record's parent relations
 CHG_MONS()           add or subtract months from a date
 CHILDREN()           determine the number of child tables
 CHINS()              search a string for any character in a string
 CHK_DBF()            validate the header of a DBF file
 CHK_DICT()           verify an application dictionary
 CHK_NTX()            verify a Clipper index header
 CHOOSE()             menu the characters in a string
 CNTRY_INFO           obtain the DOS country code
 CONFIGURE()          utility to maintain an application system file
 COUNT_EM()           count records matching a condition
 CRLF()               add a carriage return / line feed to a string
 CURDRIV()            return the current drive as an ASCII numeric
 DATE_KEY()           assign today's date to a key for data-entry
 DBEDIT_BOX()**       draw a box around a DBEDIT window
 DBE_SEARCH()         field-sensitive DBEDIT search mechanism
 DBF_EXIST()          verify existence of a DBF in the current dir
 DBF_NAME()           append to a filename ".DBF" if absent
 DBLOOKUP()           scrolling lookup table using TBrowse
 DB_CHECK()           restrict GET input to items in a table
 DB_OPEN()            open a DBF with associated indexes
 DB_SCROLL()          create a scrolling child window
 DCT_MAINT()          utility to maintain the application dictionary
 DDB_OPEN() **        open a table using the dictionary for data
 DECLARE_EM()         write source code declarations of memvars
 DELETIONS()          determine if any records have been deleted
 DELFILES()           delete a file or an array of files
 DESKTOP()            create a pleasant backdrop on the screen
 DICTFIND()           find a dictionary entry by alias or dbf name
 DICTOPEN()           open a table listed in the dictioanry
 DOSCOLOR()           determine the DOS number of a Clipper colour
 DOSVERS()            obtain the DOS version number as a string
 DOY()                obtain the numeric day of the year
 DO_FV()              calculate the future value of an investment
 DO_IT()              a generalized menu / program executor
 DO_MORT()            a pop-up mortgage calculator
 DO_PRINC()           a pop-up principal-required calculator
 DO_SWAP()            call a memory swapper and run another program
 DRAW_BOX()           generalized box-drawing routine
 DSTAT()              calculate descriptive statistics
 DTOFN()              create a file name based on a date
 DUST_1()             delete/recall the current record (and children)
 DUST_EM()            Pack a table or all open tables
 ENCRYPT_IT()         encrypt / decrypt a string
 EOM()                end of a month as a date
 EOW()                end of a week as a date
 EOY()                end of the year as a date
 EPRINT()             print envelopes using HPLJ printer
 EXEC()               execute a DOS program or drop into DOS
 EXEC_RELAT()         set a relational state from the dictionary
 EXIST()              validate input by checking a lookup table
 EXPAND()             double-space a string
 EXTEND()             calculate and display an extended price
 FCALC()              a pop-up financial calculator
 FETCH()              look up an item in a table, display a result
 FIELDCOUNT()         count the fields matching a name-pattern
 FIELD_NO()           obtain the number of a field
 FILEFOUND()          determine if a file exists on the path
 FILES()              determine the max. file handles available
 FILEOPEN()           try to open a DOS file using FOPEN()
 FILEWRITE()          write a string to a DOS file
 FILL_OUT()           array-based validation routine
 FILTR_TYPE()         determine the type of a filter
 FIRSTCAP()           create a proper picture statement for a field
 FLDINKEY()           find a field name in a string
 FTOA()               create an array from a field
 FV()                 calculate the future value of an investment
 GEN_PIC()            an intelligent picture generator
 GET_ALIAS()          select a table from a dynamic menu of aliases
 GET_DEVICE()         create a menu which sets device to
 GET_FILE()           pop-up file selector
 GET_FILTER()         obtain the filter currently in effect if any
 GET_KEYS()           create an array of the current SET KEYs
 GET_ORDER()          obtain the index order of a key expression
 GET_RELKEY()         obtain the key which relates two tables
 GET_STD() **         a dictionary-based GET module
 GET_STD2()           the standard add/edit routine for The_Usual()
 GO_...()             move the record pointer
 GO_TO()              go to or seek a record, with/without parent
 HANDLCOUNT()         return the number of free or used file handles
 HANDLES()            install a specified number of file handles
 HAVING()             implement a one-to-many query
 HEADLINE()           paint a headline box on screens or reports
 HELP()               context-sensitive help module
 HELP_FILL()          validation routine based on a lookup table
 HELP_NTX()           Help Index / Manager
 H_MENU()             create a ring menu from an array
 INDEXNAMES()         fill an array with names of indexes on a table
 INDEX_ON()           create an index
 INIT_ARRAY()         create, size, fill an array
 INIT_QUERY()         initialize the public arrays QUERY() requires
 IS_ARRAY()           determine if a variable is an array
 IS_BTW()             determine if a target lies within a range
 IS_CHAR()            determine if a variable is character type
 IS_COLOR()           determine whether to use color or mono settings
 IS_DATA()            determine if a keystroke pressed is a data key
 IS_DATE()            determine if a variable is a date
 IS_DEF()             determine if a variable is defined
 IS_DIR()             determine if a directory exists
 IS_EVEN()            determine if a number is odd or even
 IS_FIELD()           determine if a string is a fieldname
 IS_FNAME()           determine if a string is a valid filename
 IS_IN()              determine if a string is in a string or array
 IS_INT()             determine if a number is an integer value
 IS_KEY()             determine if an expression is a key expression
 IS_LINKED()          determine if a function has been linked in
 IS_LOGIC()           determine if a variable is a logical
 IS_LOOKUP()          see if a file is in another's lookup chain
 IS_MEMO()            determine if a variable is type Memo
 IS_NUM()             determine if a variable is type numeric
 IS_ODD()             determine if a number is odd
 IS_OPEN()            determine if a table is open
 IS_PHONE()           determine if a string is a valid phone number
 IS_PROPER()          validation routine to force proper case
 IS_PROV()            verify a Canadian provincial code
 IS_QUERY()           determine if a query has been set
 IS_STATE()           valiadation routine for United States
 IS_TIME()            verify if a string is a valid time string
 IS_UNIQUE()          determine if an index was created UNIQUE
 IS_VIRTUAL()         determine if a string is a virtual field
 KCOUNT()             count child records matching a condition
 KEEP_RELAT()         push and pop relationships for a udf
 KEYFIELDS()          create an array of fields used in a key
 KEY_VALUE()          obtain key value of a record by position
 K_SCROLL() **        create a child-DBEDIT

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