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Function 00h (0)         Terminate Program

    Terminates a program and returns to DOS

       On entry:      AH         00h
                      CS         Segment address of PSP

       Returns:       Nothing


    DOS terminates the program, flushes the file buffers, and restores the
    terminate, Ctrl-Break, and critical error exit addresses from the PSP.

       Setup:         Close all files first.  Then ensure that CS contains
                      the segment address of the PSP.

       Notes:         This function is an historical remnant offering no
                      advantages over Function 4Ch. It's better to use
                      function 4Ch, which returns an error code that other
                      programs can access (via Function 4Dh or the
                      ERRORLEVEL statement in batch files); also, CS need
                      not be set first when using Function 4Ch. (INT 20h
                      is equivalent to Function 0.)

See Also: 4Ch INT 20h 31h INT 27h

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